The Benefits of Massage

The Benefits of Massage In our fast paced, never slow down world where can one find their peace and quiet? Most of us don’t. We just keep pushing and pushing ourselves to move forward to “that” goal. What goal you ask? That is different for everybody, but there is one goal that we should all be consistently working on, our health and physical well being. Our bodies take care of us everyday. They walk us to work and out to play with the kids. They work with us to prune our gardens and clean our houses.

As parents we contort our bodies to care for our little ones. We take our bodies for granted. Don’t believe me, ask yourself when was the last time you took a nice, warm, relaxing bath? Now ask yourself when was the last time you took your car to get the oil changed? I bet you remember the oil change.

Massage can change your life. It’s proven that touch alone releases endorphins into the body causing a feeling of well being. Just a touch. So imagine what a full body massage can do.

Massage increases your circulation providing essential nutrients carried through the blood to the rest of the body. Massage relaxes stressed and exhausted muscles and can help prevent injury, and in some cases can even prevent some injuries from requiring surgery. It can also help speed up recovery after surgery. Massage can also help detach scar tissue (formed by an injury or surgery) from other surrounding tissues. Left unattended, scar tissue can limit movement and cause chronic pain.

There are many benefits of Massage and it effects everybody differently. So get a massage today and see just how it can benefit you.

Emily Suzanne Kollander: Your Massage Therapy Specialist